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Program Documentation

Page history last edited by Sid Parrish 9 years, 8 months ago

Program Documentation


As program documentation is received and reviewed by the AAC, it is uploaded and posted on this page. 


2010-11 Assessment Cycle


Program   Program
AAC Coach   Form A Form B  Form C Form D



B. Nellsmith
Christian  VArts A 2010.doc   VArts B 2010.doc   Visual Arts C 10-11.pdf   Visual Arts D 10-11.doc  
Biology  B. Clark  Jen  BIO A 2010.doc   Biology B 10-11.doc
Biology C 10-11.pdf   Biology D 10-11.pdf  
Business  L. Hartzog  Steven  BUA A 2010.doc BUA B 2010.docx Business Admin C 10-11.docx   Business Admin Form D 10-11.docx  
Chemistry S. Parrish  Christian  CHE A 2010.doc   CHE B 2010.doc   Chemistry-C 10-11.pdf   Chemistry-D 10-11.doc  
Church Leadership M. Beggs  Jen  ChLead A 2010.doc   CHLead B 2010.doc   Church Leadership C 10-11.pdf   Church Leadership D 10-11.pdf  
Communications A. de Lachica  Sid  COM A 2010.docx   COM B 2010.docx Communications C 10-11.pdf   Communications D 10-11.docx  
Education J. Morrison  Steven  EDU A 2010.docx   EDU B 2010.docx Education C 10-11.pdf   Will submit after EDU Data Day 8/14/11 
English S. Gilbert Sid  ENG A 2010.docx   ENG B 2010.doc   English C 10-11.docx   English D 10-11.docx  
History J. Scott  Jen  HIS A 2010.doc   HIS B 2010.doc   History C 10-11.pdf   History D 10-11.pdf  
Mathematics V. Terrana  Sid  MAT A 2010.doc   MAT B 2010.doc   Math C - Data Coll Spring2011.doc   Math D - Data Analysis Spring2011.doc  
Music L. Larsen  Steven  MUS A 2010.docx   MUS B 2010.doc   Music Form C 2010-11.doc   Music Form D 2010-11.doc  
Nursing B. McDowell  Christian  NUR A 2010.doc   Nursing B 10-11.doc Nursing C 10-11.pdf   Nursing D 10-11.doc  
Physical Education C. McMurtry  Sid 

PE A 2010.docx 

PE LS A 2010.docx 

PE SM A 2010.doc  

PE B 2010.docx 

PE LS B 2010.docx 

PE SM B 2010.doc  

PE C 10-11.pdf   PE D 10-11.pdf  
Political Science S. Schwiezer  Christian  PoliSci A 2010.doc   PoliSci B 2010.doc   Political Science C 10-11.pdf   Political Science D 10-11.doc  
Psychology M. Schroer  Sid   PSY A 2010.docx PSY B 2010.docx   Psychology C 10-11.docx   Psychology D 10-11.docx  

Religion &


M. Beggs  Jen  REL PHI A 2010.doc   REL PHI B 2010.doc   Religion and Phil C 10-11.pdf   Religion and Phil D 10-11.pdf  


G. Cole  Steven  SPA A 2010.docx   SPA B 2010.docx   Spanish C 10-11.docx   Spanish D 10-11.docx  
Sociology C. Black  Jen  SOC A 2010.doc   SOC B 2010.doc   Sociology C 10-11.pdf   Sociology D 10-11.pdf  
Theatre P. Gagliano  Sid  THE A 2010.doc THE B 2010.doc   THE Form C 2010-2011.doc   THE Form D 2010-2011.doc  
Other Programs
Core ASP Committee
CACP J. Carenen
CACP A 2010.doc   CACP B 2010.doc      
FYE P. Gagliano
Sid FYE A 10-11.doc FYE B 10-11.doc
FYE Form C 2010-2011.doc   FYE Form D 2010-2011.doc  


Honors Program

C. Horn
Cycle starts 2011-2012      


NOTE:  Documents marked "received" have been received by AAC but not reviewed.  The document will not be available for public view.

Once documents have been reviewed a link will be available making the forms available for public view.

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